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SKF Invests in Automated Production Line in France

2019-11-30 19:2:6
SKF supports the growth of the aerospace market and its business by investing in a new automated production line at the SKF Aeroengine factory in Varancheena, France. Through this investment, SKF is strengthening its flexibility and competitiveness in France.
Gothenburg, Sweden, January 21, 2019: Today, SKF has opened a fully automated production line specializing in the production of SAFRAN LEAP engine components. The strategic investment is part of the Group's modernization of production in France. It also helps to enhance SKF's expertise in rotating equipment performance and improve customer service around bearings.
SKF is investing in new digital production lines to optimize its production capacity and support key customers to accelerate production by the end of 2020. "This growth is affecting the aerospace market. Therefore, in response to changing market conditions, SKF is adapting to its production capacity, "explains Philippe Peroz, manager of aerospace operations.
Investments include turning and milling machinery, as well as the installation of automated assembly lines with robots to achieve full automation of production lines.
It is the first production line of SKF Aeroengine Factory in France, which integrates four key stages of the engine components production cycle: turning, milling and grinding, control and traceability.
With 550 employees, Valencia produces engines and gearbox bearings for market leaders in domestic and international markets. It is listed as SKF Group Aviation Bearing Excellence Center.



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