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IKO bearing

IKO bearing

IKO bearing
IKO bearing is a famous brand of the world's cutting-edge science and technology. IKO Dongsheng Bearing Co., Ltd. IKO is a professional bearing manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years, who is good at producing needle bearing and linear guide rail. It enjoys a high reputation all over the world. It is the manufacturer with the longest history, the most complete varieties and the highest level of specialization in Japan. IKO is a registered trademark of Japan Thomson company. It is a manufacturer of industrial accessories guided by science and technology development. Its products are mainly needle bearings and guide bearings.
The products produced by IKO bearing company have become the representatives of high-quality brand-name products. Through the global marketing network, we can realize the service commitment of convenience and speed for users. IKO needle bearing with its special internal structure to achieve mechanical design of small, lightweight. The guide bearing is based on the high quality given by the needle roller bearing. It is processed precisely by the unique mechanical equipment and evaluated by the latest machines. The products always maintain the high performance and high quality level.

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