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Railway bearing

Railway bearing

Railway bearing application railway bearing 03 04 2. Axle bearing railway rolling stock axle system adopts different structural design due to different application conditions. Locomotives and buses have axle boxes. Bearings are connected with bogies through axle boxes. Railway freight cars have no axle boxes. Bearings are connected with bogie side frames through bearing saddles. The bearing bears the impact load generated between the wheel set and bogie frame, and also bears the axial load generated by vehicle turning.
The axle bearing structure includes a cylindrical roller bearing, a cylindrical roller bearing unit, a tapered roller bearing and a tapered roller bearing unit. According to the application requirements of railway bearing, the axle bearing should have a long maintenance free period, a convenient maintenance structure design and high reliability. The classification and application of axle bearing of railway vehicle axle bearing can be divided into the following types according to the design technology and application of the vehicle type: cylindrical roller bearing unit, double row tapered roller bearing unit, single row tapered roller bearing, single row cylindrical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing unit, cylindrical roller bearing unit is mainly used in axle boxes of railway locomotives, buses and urban rail vehicles, Generally, it is double row cylindrical roller bearing with sealing device on both sides or two matched single row cylindrical roller bearings with sealing device on one side. The bearing unit has been filled with lubricating grease before supply and installation, so it is unnecessary to add lubricating grease during installation. Because the bearing has an integral sealing device, it has a long maintenance cycle. The modified linear contact between the roller and the raceway avoids the edge stress, which makes the bearing suitable for bearing high radial load and part of axial load. Compared with tapered roller bearing unit, cylindrical roller bearing unit is easy to disassemble and assemble, and convenient for maintenance and repair of bearing. Single row cylindrical roller bearing unit 3 double row tapered roller bearing unit bearing unit matched with double row cylindrical roller bearing unit has a complete seal. Before supply and installation, the lubricating grease has been filled and the clearance has been adjusted. The overall unit design is conducive to the installation and disassembly of the bearing. The bearing is installed on the journal by cold pressing installation method.



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