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Wind power bearing

Wind power bearing

Wind power bearing is a kind of special bearing, which has bad service environment, high maintenance cost and long service life.
Main features:
1. Poor service environment
2. High maintenance cost
3. High life required
In general, only a part of the roller of the running bearing bears the load at the same time, and the area where this part of the roller is located is called the bearing area of the bearing. The bearing load and running clearance will affect the bearing area. If the bearing area is too small, the roller is easy to slip in actual operation
For the wind power gearbox, if the design of the main shaft adopts the scheme of double bearing support, in theory, only torque is transmitted to the gearbox. In this case, after a simple stress analysis, it is not difficult to find that the load on the planet carrier support bearing is relatively small, so the bearing bearing area is often relatively small, and the roller is easy to slip.
In the design of wind power gearbox, two single row tapered bearings or two full roller cylindrical bearings are generally used as the supporting bearings of planet carrier.
We can improve the bearing area by pre tightening tapered roller bearing or reducing the clearance of cylindrical roller bearing.



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