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Fast train bearing

Fast train bearing

Berlin / schleinford, September 23, 2010. In recent years, Schaeffler industrial division has become the main partner in the field of high-speed train rolling bearing research and development. In developing these bearings, we work closely with vehicle manufacturers and operators to optimize products to meet specific operating conditions. Schaeffler industrial division is the development partner and exclusive supplier of Russian high-speed train velaro Rus and axle box bearing of China CRH3 high speed railway project with speed up to 350 km / h. In the test conducted according to en12082 standard, Schaeffler Group confirmed that the axle box bearing can be applied at 380 km / h. In addition, Schaeffler Group has developed and produced axle boxes and bearings for motors and gearboxes. The design of double row tapered roller bearing is the key to the high bearing capacity of axle box bearing. Due to the concept of high-speed motor car, the bearing unit is specially designed for 17.7-19 ton axle load. The driving components and technical modules of EMU are arranged under the floor of the whole train, not limited to the front and rear locomotives of push-pull train. The mass distribution of the whole EMU is improved by arranging the EMU and trailer in turn, so that the load acting on a single wheelset is relatively moderate. Due to the high speed, the design speed of the bearing reaches 2400 rpm. Due to the possibility of special loads on the easy to install TAROL units, tapered roller bearing units are mainly used in high-speed applications. The fag TAROL unit provided by Schaeffler industries is extremely easy to install. TAROL unit has been adjusted the clearance, filled with grease and installed with seal when leaving the factory. It can provide British and metric series as well as necessary locking parts and matching parts, which can be installed quickly and reliably. In addition, customized parts, spare parts and bearing saddles can be provided according to the needs of customers. Schaeffler's engineers can also provide professional training for customers' operators to ensure that customers can correctly install axle box bearings. In this way, the customer is certified and authorized to install the axle box bearing. Pay special attention to the quality of materials under high load and ultra-high speed to ensure the correct lubrication of bearings. To this end, Schaeffler Group has worked with steel manufacturers to develop special standards to improve the purity of the steel used. In addition, Schaeffler Group has adopted its own special quenching process, coating process and coating type. Additives and viscosity are the decisive factors in choosing the right lubricant. Schaeffler Group works closely with lubricant manufacturers in this regard. At the same time, the amount of grease is also very important, especially in the high-speed application, too much grease will cause the bearing temperature rise too high and too fast. The axle box shape optimization reduces the load. In addition to the bearing unit, Schaeffler industrial division has also developed and manufactured the axle box.



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