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Medical equipment bearing

Medical equipment bearing

In the field of medicine, the importance of respiratory physiotherapy equipment is self-evident. Its performance superiority is no exaggeration to say that it is related to the physical therapy experience effect of customers and even the rehabilitation degree of customers.

A good physiotherapy environment is needed for patients' rehabilitation physiotherapy or treatment. If the fluency of physiotherapy equipment control is affected or the secondary interference of patients' respiratory system is caused by the selection of bearing materials, it may affect the rehabilitation process of patients and even endanger the lives of patients. Therefore, the selection of medical device bearings is particularly important.

In recent years, the development of modern medical CT machine is changing with each passing day. From the earliest non spiral CT to single-slice spiral CT, multi-slice spiral CT to today's volume CT, its accuracy, scanning speed and image resolution have been greatly improved. The current second generation CT machine bearing can not meet the development requirements. In order to meet the requirements of the continuous development of medical equipment, it is urgent to develop a new generation of medical equipment spindle bearing. At present, the main bearing of the third generation CT machine is only provided by a few foreign companies, and there is no domestic manufacturer to manufacture it. The development of a new generation CT machine shaft main bearing can completely replace the import, which can fundamentally solve the current situation that the medical equipment main bearing in China depends on import. At the same time, it can also promote the development of China's advanced manufacturing industry and improve the level of equipment manufacturing technology in this field.

In CT scanning and MRI equipment, for the scanner host equipped with a tomograph device, the bearings used to support its rotating part are ceramic balls and special cages, which increase the performance of anti-corrosion and high-speed rotation. In addition, in order to reduce the psychological burden of patients, a quiet design is also carried out on this basis.



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