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Aircraft bearing

Aircraft bearing

There are many kinds of aircraft bearings. Recently, bearing systems have become more complex and require higher reliability and quality control in response to customers' requirements for bearing weight reduction, environmental pollution reduction and high performance. Design theory and development trend of main shaft bearing of jet engine. With the rapid development of emerging markets and the global expansion of low-cost airlines, the demand and sales of commercial aircraft have grown steadily.
First of all, there are only two high-temperature ceramic ball bearings for the aircraft model engine, and the market price is generally around 300. Secondly, combustion chamber is too simple, combustion efficiency is low, fuel consumption is high, turbine blade has no cooling device, no perfect lubrication cooling system, structure is too simple.
In order to reduce the friction of high-speed turbo engine, the full floating bearing is generally used, which can only transmit torque and minimize the friction. The angular contact ball bearing is only used to bear other torque and axial thrust, which is mainly borne by the thrust bearing.
The engine blades are mainly composed of composite materials, and the compressor blades are not required. There are lubrication channels and air passages in the engine shaft.
There is an air passage between the turbine blade and the air guide blade, and a small hole made by laser is used on the blade surface. During the operation, a gas film is formed on the blade surface to separate the high temperature gas.



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